Strapon Domination Femdom Sex Confessions

Penetrated by a Woman

Strapon domination has to be the number one image someone conjures up when they hear the word “femdom”. The idea of a woman wearing a strapon, pegging a male as he pleads and begs is one of the most powerful female domination scenes

Strapon Domination femdom sex picture
“Take it all, bitch boy!”

We poled our bevy of beauties, from professional Mistresses to dominant wives on their thoughts about the topic. Juicy? You bet! Naughty? Most definitely! Pleasure or punishment?

You decide!

“My number one request from clients has to be strapon domination. Or at least, getting fucked up the ass by a woman. I have to say it’s a favorite of mine as well. Feeling a man squirm and wriggle under me as I pound his ass is hot! All women should feel the power that comes from penetrating a man anally. Hearing them gasp and moan. Begging. Female power at its finest, baby!”

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Best Female Domination JOI

Jerk Off Instructions

The best female domination JOI means dominant women and wives are going to make you CUM HARD.

But NOT the way you might expect-

It’ll will be on THEIR terms!

Let us explain:

“I never let a male pull his little cock without permission or instruction. And never to something he desires. Well, maybe if he’s been a good boy and made me happy. Otherwise it’s to prove himself to me. How so? I might show him my ass and let him get hard. But then if he wants to see more, he’s got to rub one out to some gay porn while I watch and instruct…”

Female Domination JOI picture
“You got exactly three minutes to shoot your load …or ELSE”

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Sissy Training by Phone FREE Sample

Feminized Over The Phone

When was the last time you could explore your very own personal, and private sissy training fantasy with a REAL dominant woman?

Probably, never, right?

Well, get ready to rock those heels, little sissy!

sissy training by phone picture
Are you a secret sissy?

Let us give you the HOTTEST sissy training by phone!


It only takes one call to have your own personal Mistress explore your secret sissy sex fantasy!

How About Some FREE Phone Sex Audio?

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Real Femdom Relationship Confessions

A Femdom Wife or Dominant Female Lover

We poled numerous couples who enjoy a real femdom relationship. Some were married, some living together and more than a few that participated in a Mistress/slave arrangement. The results are both arousing, instructive – and well, deliciously gossipy!

Real Femdom Relationship Picture
“I know his every femdom fantasy …and YOURS!”

“If you think being in a real femdom relationship is easy, guess again. It takes work. Keeping a dominant woman happy is basically making your entire existence about her. But I do it happily. She is my Goddess. I live to serve her…”

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Cuckold Wife Sex Confessions

Get in The Corner Cuck!

A cuckold wife has exactly one idea on her mind. Cheating? Well, maybe it is, but a dominant woman thinks more of it as sexual freedom. And if it makes her husband a cuck because of her pursuit of passion, then so be it! We’ve poled some married women who enjoy cuckolding their husbands and gotten some HOT sex confessions for you to explore.


Cuckold Wife knows her power
“Don’t cry, little cuck, just WATCH…”

“Jon was never much good in bed. I met a man at the bus stop one day. A big dark brute of a man, but he had such an air about him. Instant sexual tension. He was married too, but said his wife had got fat and unattractive. Took him home and fucked him right in our bed. When Jon got home from work we were still at it. Should of seen his face when he walked in and saw me with my lips wrapped around that fat black cock! Might sound cruel, but we forced him to sit in the corner and watch us. Tears? Yeah, a few. But now he knows his new name and place – the corner cuck!”

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Married women are known for their sexual appetites and woe be to any man who can’t keep up with her!

“All marriages can get stale. I was lonely. Started cheating with the guy next door and it evolved into inviting his brother to join us. Then my husband found out and shit the bed. Wanted a divorce. I got my two lovers to tie him up and make him watch. We even made him suck cock too. Now he’s tame and does what he’s told. The perfect little cuck husband.”

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